Children's Play Therapy

'Children are like flowers, they bloom at different times.'

Jo Whalley Counselling Services offers counselling and therapeutic play for children, young people and adults.

Schools are well aware that if a student is experiencing emotional distress or low self-esteem it can be difficult for them to learn and achieve.

Mental health issues can affect all aspects of both an individual’s life and those around them. Our service provides play-therapy/counselling to support children to work through complex issues, some of which are listed below, in a confidential, non-judgmental, safe space, by specially trained and experienced staff.

JWCS can offer a range of therapeutic interventions to help the individual gain some control over his/her life and start to fulfil their learning and life’s potential. We will consult with you to develop a system that will meet the needs of your pupils and your educational setting, as well as helping to identify any child protection concerns or issues. Our aim is to provide a service that is easily accessible and not hindered by layers of bureaucracy.

Children, young people or adults who come for counselling are often experiencing a wide range of difficulties.
Some of these might include:

  • Behavioural problems at school/home
  • Abuse
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Bullying
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Neglect
  • Underachievement
  • Self-harming
  • Sad and hopeless feelings for no apparent reason
  • Anger or over reaction
  • Feeling worthless or guilty
  • Anxiety/feeling overly worried
  • Being constantly worried about their parent or caregiver or family member
  • Feeling isolated/lonely
  • Decline in relationships at school
  • Losing interest in everyday activities
  • Poor concentration
  • Persistent nightmares and intrusive thoughts

Play therapy can help your pupils enjoy and achieve, feel safe, feel more positive and make a valuable contribution to school and their lives