Staff Supervision

The principal aim of supervision is to support the emotional and mental well-being of staff in order to enable them to perform their duties, especially in regard to areas such as safeguarding.

Through the Educational Wellbeing Charter, DfE recognise the importance of offering support to individuals whose role is known to have a significant emotional component. This might take the form of peer support, supervision, and/or counselling, to promote the mental health of staff.

JWCS are uniquely placed by employing specialist supervisors from SLT backgrounds. Having first-hand experience in senior leadership roles, they understand the demands faced in school. With their additional Well-being training from qualified counsellors, they are in the best position to offer unparalleled support needed in schools.  

Regular supervision offers:

  • Opportunity to look at safeguarding concerns
  • A confidential, non-judgemental place to discuss concerns regarding practice
  • Time to discuss the impact of difficult situations on individuals
  • Support to work through issues to find resolutions.
  • Strategies to be pro-active, not just re-active.

Our Supervision packages can be tailored to suit the individual needs of school staff.